There is no header true to the design of JB it get's straight into the content even on the front cover. Really it is a kind of essay format not unlike a blog. In the video he is talking while different still images come up or videos in this case also references from the web and what might be useful in my case is audio links to mixclouds uploaded audio or even links to live streams.

I Should probably try other media types as well that I described above. I would also like to add an indent to the beggining on the paragraphs like the original ways of seeing book, but I will get on with the other fuctionality first.

I want to be able to toggle on and off the text divs for when it in "lecture mode" but I think I need java script for this so I will wait until I have added the other media types now. Here is the live stream link to Good Times Bad Times, one of the best radio's in the whole of the extra pratice studio space.

I realised that keeping the divs when I toggle might be good to keep everything in place but then just toggling the colour to being white to make it dissapear. It would be really useful to have this as a Hugo site so that I could use markdown. Write out my lectures as blog posts effectively and then upload the images to a folder and bada bada bing.

The indent thing should probably only be for the first paragraph but I will go back and do that in a little bit. Next up...actually I think having the toggle for text colour is the next most important thing. Aside from having mixcloud links in here. Maybe just another image first would be good to show the vibe. Oh damn! Videos that's important. Ok. A youtube vid?

Also to randomly align images to the left or the right could be cool. I know how to do this manually but to have them randomly align, left, right or center could make things chill.